Summer Gathering & Introduction of New Members

Event Details

You are invited to join the Summer Gathering 2022 & Meet New Oslo Cancer Cluster Members.

Each year, Oslo Cancer Cluster presents a Summer Gathering & Introduction of New Members.  Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) will gathers fellow stakeholders from OCC Innovation Park, colleagues from the oncology community, and members for a mid-year review.  The highlight of this event will be the “Introduction of New Members”.

Planning is underway to present an “On-site” event at Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park.  All registrants will receive a confirmation early June 2022 regarding “On-Site” or shift to “Digital” or “Hybird” event based on COVID-19 guidelines in effect June 2022.

Tentative Agenda

  • Welcome & Introduction, Charlotte Homme, Head of Membership & Events, Oslo Cancer Cluster
  • Mid-Year-Review, Ketil Widerberg, General Manager, Oslo Cancer Cluster
  • Guest Speaker
  • Introduction of New Members to Oslo Cancer Cluster (individual presentations)
  • Event and Project Updates Q3 & Q4 2022