Total areal is 36 117 m².
Office premises in three blocks, approx. 17,600 m².
Parking/technical areas, approx. 5,000 m².
Ullern High School, approx. 12,800 m².


The building will be constructed in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations, as well as applicable norms/standards and technical regulations.
The building will be constructed in accordance with the TEK97:2007 regulations.
The building is planned for BREEAM standard ’Very good’.


Cantina: A cantina that serves all tenants will be situated on Ullern High School´s premises on the ground floor.
All tenants may order catering from the cantina.
Kitchenettes: Kitchenettes will be built on several of the floors.
Basement parking facilities: The parking facilities are operated by Q-Park AS.
Fire safety/fire alarms: The premises are delivered with fire alarms installed.
Waste disposal: Room for sorting of waste at source in the basement.


Flooring: Linoleum.
Walls: Plaster walls. System partition walls between offices.
Ceilings: System ceilings.
Access control: TrioVing system.


Electrical installations
Offices: Two triple outlets in vertical power distribution units per workstation. Open-plan offices are dimensioned for one workstation per 2.4×2.4 metres. No more than five workstations per 16A single phase. No more than 12 workstations per 16A three phase. The circuiting is terminated above the ceiling and is run down through vertical power distribution units with 1, 2 or 4 workstation outlets.
Conference rooms: One single outlet above the ceiling by the door for the booking screen. Two outlets above the ceiling at the display wall for the projector/screen. Two triple outlets in a vertical wall-mounted duct on the display wall. One floor-mounted power distribution unit with two triple outlets. 1×50 mm tube from the floor-mounted power distribution unit to the wall duct for AV.

Cellular offices: Direct presence detection equipment or fittings (master/slave) with built-in sensors.
Conference rooms: Presence detection and switches for dimming of two groups.

Other specifications
Sanitary installations: The building is equipped with conventional sanitary facilities in accordance with the architectural drawings and is prepared for a kitchen on level 1.
Heating system: The building will be heated by means of a heat pump and an electric boiler. Radiators/floor heating will be installed as the primary heat source.
Sprinkler system: The building will be fully equipped with sprinklers in accordance with the overall fire protection strategy for the building.
Cooling system: Cooling machinery will be installed for primary cooling via the ventilation air. In addition, the computer and server rooms will be cooled by the building’s ice water system.
Air conditioning system: The ventilation systems will be dimensioned in accordance with the climate table. The systems are divided according to room plans/architectural drawings, usage patterns and operating times.
Ice water cooling: Complete pipe system for the distribution of ice water to feed ventilation units and ready for computer/floor distribution rooms.
Automatic control system: A complete central operation control (COC) system, with pertaining automatic control systems, will be delivered for operation and control of the technical systems. The BUS system will be interlocked with the COC system