The vision of the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park is to create Europe’s leading environment for education, research and industry within oncology, while shortening the time it takes to develop new cancer medication and diagnostics. The Innovation Park opened officially in August 2015.


Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park is a power centre for the development of new cancer treatments. Situated right next to the Norwegian Radium Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital, the whole value chain from basic research to industry within oncology in the Oslo-area is brought together at one place: The Radium Hospital Innovation Campus.

Unique project

Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park is a unique project and is built on private enthusiasm and the long history of great cancer research and treatment performed at the Norwegian Radium Hospital.

Purely focused on oncology and establishing an oncology Incubator, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park will ensure that bright ideas in the lab reach the cancer patients faster than today.

Unlike other innovation parks, Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park integrates a school, namely Ullern Upper Secondary School. Pupils at Ullern have a rare chance to receive guest lectures from oncology researchers and industry leaders, do internships at Oslo University Hospital and the other members of Oslo Cancer Cluster.  The collaboration between Ullern Upper Secondary School and Oslo Cancer Cluster started in 2009 and is expanding every year .

Join us in the fight against cancer

If you would like to become a part of the Innovation Park or the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator as a tenant, please contact Jónas Einarsson for information or to set up a meeting.