Ullern High School with 900 students will inhabit the ground space of the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park. Here you will also find a cantina, a hall for multi-purpose use and a large auditorium. The auditorium may be leased for the use of lectures, seminars and conferences. Both the cantina and the multi-purpose hall is open for all tenants.


Oslo Cancer Cluster and the Radium Hospital Research Foundation rent here, as well as the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator that will inhabit the entire 4th floor.

▸ The 5th and 6th floors on 1300m2 each are available for rent – as well as 650 m2 on the  3rd floor.


Three stories in this building are rented out to the Norwegian Cancer Registry, one of the oldest cancer registries in the World.

▸ The whole 3rd floor on 1300 m2 is available for rent.


Oslo University Hospital rent the building A. This building is connected with the Norwegian Radium Hospital through a hall way above ground for shipping medication from the Hospital Pharmacy Production Unit to the clinic. In building A you may also find the Department for Pathology and The Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics at Oslo University Hospital.


We are working on realizing a construction stage 2 on 8000 m2 in conjunction with the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park. This building will be on 7 floors from 750 m2 – 1109 m2 each. It has already been prospected for, and will be realized upon demand from tenants.

▸ 7 floors on 750 m2 – 1109 m2 each is available for rent.