Oslo University Hospital


Contact person:
Contact: Raisa Gurvitsj
PHONE: +47 970 70 497
E-MAIL: raisa.gurvitsj@ous-hf.no
WEB SITE: www.oslo-universitetssykehus.no/omoss_/avdelinger_/patologi_


Head: Tor J. Eide, MD PhD
(Inger Nina Farstad, MD PhD: Leave of absence from  April 1, 2013)

Number of employees: 130

Company Description:

Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases. The Department of Pathology is part of Oslo University Hospital and examines organs, tissues and cells for diagnostic and research purposes.

The department provides pathology services on a local, regional and national basis, and examines more than 90 000 tissue samples each year, a substantial part of which concerns cancer investigation.

The methods applied at the department are amongst others conventional histopathology techniques including immunohistochemistry, genetic analyses and flow cytometry.

We benefit from close collaborations between research groups and the clinical staff, strengthening our total activities and stimulating translational research. Our tissue banks constitute another substantial asset to our medical research.