Contact person:

CEO: Jónas Einarsson
PHONE: +47 480 96 355


Founded in: 1986

Number of employees: 6

CEO: Jónas Einarsson

Company Description:

Radforsk Investment Foundation is an early stage Evergreen Fund dedicated to oncology, and one of the most successful pre-seed investment firms in Europe. We focus our investments on Norwegian start-ups within immuno-oncology. A majority of these companies have spun out of excellent research within immunology or oncology from leading Norwegian research institutions.

We found, invest and take an active part in our portfolio companies’ further development. Our skilled team now manages an exciting balanced portfolio of 13 companies.

As of late 2018, our fund value is MNOK 600 (M$ 72). We use our dividends to strengthen cancer research at Oslo University Hospital and have so far donated MNOK 200 (M$ 24).

Radforsk has also initiated three major projects that serve to bring cancer research from bed to bedside: The oncology research and industry cluster Oslo Cancer Cluster, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator and the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park. The latter is situated next to the Norwegian Radium Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research; thus, the entire oncology value chain is present at the Radium Hospital Innovation Campus.

Radforsk also hosts the podcast named Radium. Here we talk about cancer research, development of innovative cancer treatments and our portfolio companies.

Our company portfolio:

Privately owned companies:
Nextera AS –
Ultimovacs AS –
Vaccibody AS –
Oncoinvent AS  –
Oncoimmunity AS –
Zelluna Immunotherapy AS –
Biomolex AS –

Listed companies:
Targovax AS –
Photocure ASA –
PCI Biotech AS –
Nordic Nanovector AS –

Our project portfolio:

Oslo Cancer Cluster –
Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator –
Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park  –