Why choose Norway as your partner in healthcare R&D?

Norwegian Cancer Society would like to have more innovation from cancer research - for the best of the cancer patients

Norwegian healthcare actors have joined forces and launch the “Norwegian Package” at next weeks Nordic Life Science Days/ECCP. The “Norwegian Package” is five reasons why Norway is a unique place to do research and development within healthcare.

If you would like to learn more – please download a brochure elaborating on the unique features of the Norwegian Healthcare R&D.
Please also come visit our joint stand “Norwegian Healthcare Industry” at the Nordic Life Science Days/ECCP September 7-9 hsoted by Oslo Cancer Cluster and Nansen Neuroscience Network.

Five reasons to collaborate closely with Norwegian actors within Healthcare R&D:

  1. A healthcare system with great opportunities for research
  2. Unique and accessible health registries and biobanks
  3. A great location for clinical trials with a history of delivering on time and quality, a population that is willing to participate in trials and a systematic and transparent regulatory approval process
  4. A strong player in biomedicine with excellent academicresearch environments
  5. A biomedical model that is well adapted for delivering the pharmaceuticals of the future

This is a joint initiative from: Oslo Cancer Cluster, Nansen Neuroscience Network, Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway, The Assosiation of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway and Link Medical.