We are looking for a Project manager – EU project “PERMIDES’

Do you want to help build the leading oncology cluster in Europe?

Oslo Cancer Cluster and NCE Smart Energy Markets together with four European clusters in medicine and IT managed to land a prestigious Horizon 2020 EU project. The EU project will use innovative IT solutions to develop personalized cancer treatment. Allocated funds is 45 million, of which 34 million is earmarked for small and medium enterprises in the clusters.The EU project has the sounding name “Personalized Medicine Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions: PERMIDES’, will utilize the digital revolution to develop new systems for cancer treatment. This will be achieved by matching small and medium enterprises within IT with cancer biotechs in the six clusters. This matching shall take place both virtually and physically. Utilization of accumulated expertise in Big Data Analytics from other industries, such as energy industry, will enable the development of digital systems and solutions.


If you would like to know more about Oslo Cancer Cluster and the Project manager position – please contact Mr Jon Bjørbekk, at Kelly Scientific, telephone: +47 95211580.

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