Two new members in Oslo Cancer Cluster: Artemida Pharma and Arctic Pharma

Artemida Pharma and Arctic Pharma are now members of the Oslo Cancer Cluster. Please find more information on the new members below. Arctic Pharma is also part of the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator. 


About Artemida Pharma

Artemida Pharma is a well-established drug development consultancy whose highly experienced scientists represent multiple disciplines with a specialism in oncology. Artemida Pharma offers optimised strategic drug development from product concept to clinical proof of concept.

Main Indications

  • Oncology
  • Autoimmune/Anti-inflammatory Diseases
  • Anti-infectives
  • Cardiovascular (HT, Stroke, CHF, Vascular Occlusion)


  • Antibodies and Therapeutic Proteins
  • Small Molecules
  • Peptides
  • Oligonucleotides

Artemida Pharma has been intimately involved over the past 20 years in providing development planning for oncology indications in both solid and haematological tumours. Their involvement commences with mode of action or potential target elucidation and indication-seeking to optimise the development pathway and to assist companies in moving through to proof of concept. Identification of the most appropriate development as well as regulatory path includes support with regulatory interactions and document authoring along with product support from technical, scientific and medical representation through to project management. Artemida Pharma have supported companies ranging from a large multinational peri-approval programme to micro-start-ups from academia. More recently they were working with several companies in the immune-oncology field in solid tumours, photodynamic therapies as well as with targeted therapies in haematological indications.

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About Arctic Pharma

Arctic Pharma AS is a small start-up company committed to developing innovative anti-cancer drugs by exploiting the “sweet tooth” of cancer cells and their peculiar metabolic features. We directly target key enzymes that are upregulated in cancer cell metabolism with inhibitors designed at Arctic Pharma. This will enable us to develop new pharmaceuticals to combat cancer that exhibit fewer side effects.

Arctic Pharma AS is a privately held company founded in 2012 by shareholders and employees of Spermatech AS. Our mission is to make Arctic Pharma a leader in designing cancer therapies that are environmentally friendly and have few side effects.

We have performed a modern drug discovery project searching for potent and novel inhibitors of the Warburg effect. In this work, we have screened more than 300,000 drug-like compounds in biochemical and biological assayes. This has resulted in approximately 100 promising hit compounds. Some advanced hits have been generated by medicinal chemistry. Pilot studies have demonstrated that several of our compounds are potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth. Since we target an underlying mechanism of malignancy, the innovated drug will have the potential of curing various types of cancers and at different stages of malignancy.

Their mission is to make Arctic Pharma a leader in cancer therapies that are environmentally friendly and have few side effects.

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