Presentations from the Day of Immunology


The Norwegian Society for Immunology hosted their annual conference on the Day of Immunology on April 29. The theme for 2016 was Immunotherapy for Cancer. Below you may download some of the presentations as a courtesy of the lecturers.



Morning session (popularized science in Norwegian)

  • Immun mot kreft? Introduksjon til kroppens overvåkningstjenester
    Download the presentation here
    Anne Spurkland, Professor, avdeling for molekylærmedisin, Universitet i Oslo
  • Immunterapi: en revolusjon for kreftbehandling 
    Download the presentation here
    Else Marit Inderberg, PhD, avdeling for celleterapi, OUS Radiumhospitalet
  • Behandling av norske lungekreftpasienter med checkpoint-inhibitorer
    Download the presentation here
    Åslaug Helland, overlege og forsker, avdeling for onkologi, OUS Radiumhospitalet
  • Immunterapi virker – rapport fra en erfaren pasient
    Download the presentation here
    Kjell Stenstadvold


Afternoon session (scientific presentations made accessible for a broad public)

  • Sequential Intranodal ImmunoTherapy (SIIT) in malignant lymphoma
    Download the presentation here
    Arne Kolstad, MD, PhD, Department of Oncology, OUS Radiumhospitalet



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