Oslo Cancer Cluster & NCE Smart Energy Markets: Partners in prestigious Horizon 2020 EU project of 45 MNOK

Oslo Cancer Cluster and NCE Smart Energy Markets together with four European clusters in medicine and IT managed to land a prestigious Horizon 2020 EU project. The EU project will use innovative IT solutions to develop personalized cancer treatment. Allocated funds is 45 million, of which 34 million is earmarked for small and medium enterprises in the clusters.


The EU project has the sounding name “Personalised Medicine Innovation trough Digital Enterprise Solutions: PERMIDES”, will utilize the digital revolution to develop new systems for cancer treatment. This will be achieved by matching the small and medium enterprises within IT with cancer biotechs in the six clusters. This matching shall take place both virtually and physically. Utilization of accumulated expertise in Big Data Analytics from other industries, such as energy industry, will enable the development of digital systems and solutions.


Developing cancer treatment smarter

– More and more people are diagnosed with cancer, both because the population is steadily increasing, but also because people get older. There is a crying need for innovative cancer treatment. Health care institutions as well as many biotech companies are lagging behind in adopting the latest digital solutions. For Norway in a time of souring oil prizes and in need of new industries, PERMIDES is an important project that will develop solutions for tomorrow’s business community, says Ketil Widerberg, CEO of Oslo Cancer Cluster.


Digital revolution from energy to medicine

– The world has just begun to discover the enormous potential Big Data Analytics will represent for society and business. PERMIDES will contribute to research that may save the lives of many people in the coming years. It is the unique competence across clusters that is the core of this project: The transfer of unique Big Data Analytics expertise from smart energy to personalized medicine, says Dieter Hirdes, F & I Coordinator Smart Innovation Østfold company as a leader NCE Smart cluster .


Excellent revue

PERMIDES succeed in landing the EU support as one of five projects of 115 applications. It received a score of 14 of a possible 15, and is thus in the top range. Those companies that match each other can get up to 600 000 NOK in direct support. PERMIDES ends in 2019, and the goal is then that:

  • 120 IT companies and cancer biotechs have benefited from technology transfer activities
  • 75 enterprises have participated in networking conferences at regional and European level
  • 100 companies have placed its profile in a semantic matchmaking portal
  • 90 innovation projects is ongoing between IT and cancer biotechs through a voucher system



Oslo Cancer Cluster and NCE Smart Energy Markets are two of 14 clusters in the Norwegian Centres of Expertise program: www.nce.no .

Oslo Cancer Cluster is a research and industrial cluster within cancer and gathers over 75 research institutions, hospitals, biotech firms and biopharmaceutical companies from all over Norway and Northern Europe. The cluster’s vision is to accelerate the development of innovative cancer treatments for the benefit of cancer patients. In August 2015 Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park and Incubator opened its premises next to the Radium Hospital in Oslo. The incubator aims to contribute to more entrepreneurial businesses based on cancer research: Today the Incubator comprise of lab and office space to more than 25 institutions: www.oslocancercluster.no // www.occincubator.com.


Smart Innovation Østfold heads NCE Smart Cluster and has since 2009 initiated or participated in 20 different research and innovation projects (F & I) with a total budget of over 300 MNOK. Four of which are EU projects. Smart Innovation Østfold heads Horizon 2020 project EMPOWER with a budget of more than NOK 60 million. NCE Smart cluster comprise of a number of IT companies and academic communities who hold the leading expertise in Big Data Analytics now used in smart energy. The technology is generic, and it is therefore great potential to transfer this expert knowledge to applications in personalized medicine: www.ncesmart.com.


 “Personalised Medicine Innovation trough Digital Enterprise Solutions: PERMIDES»

Participants: Six clusters and two industrial partners in IT.

  • Oslo Cancer Cluster SA
  • Cluster Individualisierte Immunintervention (CI3)
  • intelligent views gmbh
  • NETSYNO Software