Nordic Life Science Innovation Challenge


Are you an aspiring to be a Life Science entrepreneur in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark? Are you passionate about innovation? Do you need more practice on how to create, improve and present a business plan? Do you need professional advise? Then join in on two days to boost your business knowledge

  • Young entrepreneurs develop an already presented business case, provided by researchers from Copenhagen University, DTU, KI Innovation and KTH Innovation.
  • Working in a team to develop a business idea with other young talented professionals from different background and disciplines.
  • Educational training by solving challenges and working with mentors.
  • Commercializing innovative research ideas.
  • Nordic collaboration.

Oslo Cancer Cluster invites all young entrepreneurs to participate in the Nordic Life Science Innovation Challenge, Sept 5-6 in Copenhagen. Oslo Cancer Cluster has the opportunity to provide travel grants of NOK 2500/entrepreneur (up to four Norwegian Entrepreneurs).

You also have the opportunity to subm your research idea/case, you will have the chance to receiving a fresh and updated pitch for a business case based on your idea. Mentors will be present to facilitate the pitch development. You may enter into further collaboration with participants about the development of your idea if there is mutual interest.

The winning team will get free tickets for joining the NLSDays 2015 in Stockholm.

The event is totally free of charge. Oslo Cancer Cluster has the opportunity to provide travel grants of NOK 2500/entrepreneur, up to four Norwegian Entrepreneurs. Regarding the travel grant, please contact Jutta Heix.
The submission deadline is June 15, 2015. More information about the event can be found here

Download all relevant documents here: