“HelseOmsorg21 represent a unique opportunity”


The HelseOmsorg21 strategy process was launched in 2013 by the Ministry of Health and Care services. The aim of the national process was to promote evidence-based health and care services characterized by high quality, patient safety and efficiency.


The final report was presented to Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Health Minister Bent Høie June 25th by leader of the HelseOmsorg21 process John-Arne Røttingen. The strategy has five main priorities aimed at providing better public health, more groundbreaking research, and the growth of a national health industry.


Oslo Cancer Cluster has been heard
Oslo Cancer Cluster has contributed to the HelseOmsorg21 process with formal input to the sub-reports on the knowledge system and on health industry development.

“Oslo Cancer Cluster aims to create one of Europe’s leading centers for research, education and development of cancer, and HelseOmsorg21 represent a unique opportunity”, says General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster, Ketil Widerberg. “Now we have a national strategy in the health field that addresses the research- and innovation system in health, and this strategy will allow a stronger collaboration between all stakeholders”.


The five main priorities are

1. A knowledge boost for municipalities by a solid financing, the establishment of a national registry of municipal health services and a higher education sector and new institutes aimed at municipal needs.

2. Making Health and Care Services an area for industry growth, providing sector-specific measures and stimulate to greater interaction between the public and private sectors.

3. Easier access to and increased utilization of health data.

4. A knowledge-based health care system with greater user interaction and an emphasis on skills, and to develop, try out and document the effects of different interactions.

5. Stronger focus on the internationalization of research and increased participation in the competition in EU research systems.


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