4 new members in Oslo Cancer Cluster

Oslo Cancer Cluster would like to welcome our four new members on board: DNB Bank, Oslo and Akershus University College: Faculty of Health Sciences, Scandinavian Development Services and Prostataklinikken.

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“DNB is a leading international bank within certain industries playing a significant role in financing and facilitating the Nordic and international health care sector. DNB Healthcare’s focus in the Nordic region includes companies in the range from small biotech companies to large pharmaceutical companies.  We serve these relationships with a broad range of products, including M&A advisory, equity issues, financing and cash management solutions. Internationally we have more than 50 relationships, including some of the largest healthcare companies in the world. DNB Healthcare mainly focus on pharma, medtech and diagnostic companies, and we work closely with our customers to find the best solutions based on their specific needs. Our teams are recognized as highly skilled and dedicated with extensive industrial, financing and M&A competence. This enable DNB Healthcare to be a valuable partner in strategic and financial discussions.”

Contact person: Benedicte Bakke, Senior Advisor
+47 934 44 029 // benedicte.bakke@dnb.no


Oslo and Akershus University College, Faculty of Health Sciences

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) is Norway’s largest state university college, with a student body of 16 000 students and 1 850 employees. The Faculty of Health Sciences consists of seven departments and offers study programmes on all levels, including two PhD programmes. The faculty has about 5300 students and nearly 530 members of staff.

Contact person: Trine B. Haugen, Vice-Dean R&D, Professor
+47 672 36 104 // trine.b.haugen@hioa.no


Scandinavian Development Services

At Scandinavian Development Services we specialize in all regulatory and scientific aspects in the drug development process, from the initial project idea through to the completely developed product. We have expertise in formulation development, non-clinical program planning, design of clinical studies/programs and regulatory affairs during drug development. Depending on the need of the client, we develop strategies for a European or a more global development programs. As a Nordic consultancy company in drug development, we are aiming at building networks within the life-science environment in Norway. We are currently involved in and have extensive experience from oncology-related drug development projects; hence we can offer value to members of Oslo Cancer Cluster.

Contact person: Anna Törner, Managing Director
+46 734331709 // anna.torner@scanddev.se


Prostataklinikken AS

Prostataklinikken AS is a private clinic in Oslo that uses innovative technology to provide more accurate diagnosis and early detection of prostate cancer. Prostate Clinic AS uses innovative technology with targeted tissue samples. The method we use is called ANNA C-TRUS (Artificial Neuaral Network Analysis Computerassisted TransrRectal Ultra Sound). The method was developed during the last 20 years, mainly in Germany and partly in the United States, Prof. Dr. Tillmann Loch. The method’s efficiency is well documented by several studies over the past 10 years, Prof. Tillmann Loch has received several awards for his scientific work. ANNA C-TRUS is a method for targeted tissue samples. ANNA C – TRUS (Artificial Neuaral Network Analysis Computerassisted transrectal Ultrasound) can increase the accuracy of tissue samples significantly.

Contact person: Ole Mjåtvedt, CEO

+47 93006671 // mjaole@anna-ctrus.com